How to Contribute to THE Workshop

The entire community is encouraged to contribute to THE Workshop in two ways

Submit to THE Workshop:
Ideas  regarding the workshop topics can be uploaded using the submission form below. Each submission will be publicly available on this platform to initiate discussions.
All submissions will be available beyond the conference date.
The submission system is open until the workshop date on October 8, 2018.

Review and Rate Submissions:
THE Workshop employs an open submission and reviewing system. Each submission will be available on the Submitted Works Page.

PC Members are encouraged to rate each submission using the 5-Star rating system and write open reviews using the comment section.

The community is further invited to take part in the discussion via the comment section and and place a voting (Upvote/Downvote) on each submission.

The reviewing system will be open beyond the conference date.

Submission Guidelines

Participants who want to submit to the workshop do not need to register. Only PC Members should create an account.
To submit, please use the form below.
The first corresponding author should enter a valid email address which will be used for further communication. The Email address will not be displayed on the published submission. Please choose a category from the given list which best represents your submission. Further, comma separated tags can be added.
After the post was submitted it will be approved and published by a website administrator.
Please be aware that authors cannot edit their contribution after successful submission.
 If you would like to revoke or change your submission or if you have further questions regarding the submission process, please contact:

Tabea Tietz
FIZ Karlsruhe & KIT, Germany
Email: tabea.tietz[at]

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